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Why We love "Diary of a zulu girl" a.k.a "Zulu girl goes to JHB"


Diary of a Zulu girl is every black girl's must read blog.

and I used to think I'd seen it all in varsity,like nothing would suprise me no more,clearly I was wrong again

Dude it had me glued 2 my phone 4 days!!! RT : That is the 1 hey Lol

These are just some tweets trending hard on twitter. The blogging world has just gone goo goo gaga over this  blog. 
Author, Mike Maphoto, recently got interviewed by John Robbie of TalkRadio this past week. There is just a buzz about this story. Even the Sowetan Live  has had to sit up and took note of this rising star. Never thought a famous author would come out of SA. 

But after two sleepless nights, I can confidently say that this  is a gem! In actual a fact it is more of a rough diamond and rough it is. I’m talking about kroes hare, cork dry soles, ashy elbow kind of rough. Why? Because any avid reader will tell you that there is an art to the use of the English language and there is nothing more annoying that poorly edited work, or the misuse of certain phrases. It tends to leave a rather stale and cheap after taste. This however is something I am certainly willing to overlook. Firstly, because this is after all a blog and not a published piece of work, well not yet of course. Secondly because this blog takes the form of diary entry, written by a perhaps, not so innocent young girl from KZN who got thrust into the hustle and bustle of Joburg lifestyle. Who proof reads their diary entry anyway.

My favourite faux par thus far?  I was stuck between a hard place and a rock” (chapter 14)

But we shall overlook this…. We Love Thandeka.

We Love her to hell and back, because let admit it. This girl is probably come as close to hell as one could in a lifetime. We love her because we can all relate to her on some level. No matter how morally upright you may be. Something in her story strikes home. I guess it is the way her reality is just so believable.

These are some apects you might relate to, whether be it on a personal level or through someone you know.

Night Lights in Dublin Wallpaper1. Small town girl, heading to the big city with naive ambitions.      The overprotective parents who cut the umbilical cord way too late. Leaving the child having to learn how to swim in  a environment far from the protection of her parents. 

2. We all know a  “Lace wig girl,” if not girls. Yes that one who is always seated in the VIP section. You might have never caught her doing anything wrong. But for some reason you always have a story ready to dish out about her. Some second hand fictional story passed down from one lose mouth to the next. 
Lets be honest we all have a friend who just runs her mouth. We have learnt to tread carefully around her.

3. Why we love foreign men over our own. Not because their dodgy, I don’t get a thrill from dangerous people. (I don’t like dodgy people, foreign or not. Honestly, *Hides face in shame* I’m just too much of a cheese girl and inexperienced in such). I guess this is the same really for South African men who love exotic woman. There is a thrill in the exotic. It just is. 
That’s why if I hear one more guy talk about how amazing Lesotho girls are, I might just loose it. No hard feelings. I just don’t see it, I grew up with them.  

4.The power struggle between man and woman and the poignant roles money and sex have in these situations. Honestly I don’t share the author’s sentiments with regard to these issues. It’s doesn’t enrage me, (I’m the last person to judge) it merely saddens me, because at the end of the day, this is the reality out there. 
Fact is we are blinded from the truth shame, but one day we will come into the light, one day.
Still praying. 

5. This is my favourite, what are we to do really when we are caught in the middle of situations that aren’t even of our own making. What do you do if you know ukhuti uMalume is cheating on his wife? I mean to me that is like, yoh big people problems. I don’t get involved. But if the mistress is your flatmate? Or how do you tell your other uncle that his daughter (your cousin) was receiving money for sex and she really died in the hands of her Nigerian (gangster) Boyfriend.

6. If the truth really is to set you free, this one needs to be handled with a lot of wisdom and discernment.
All in all I absolutely love this. Not being from Joburg meant that some of the stories really did shock me. But after consulting some friends, turns out this really does happen.

I love this narrative. I love the thrill it leaves you with . Makes you wonder  if this fiction or fact. I now know the truth.

We Love Thandeka, indeed we do, purely for her brutal and straight up honesty.
Gosh I wish people would be this blunt with God. Would save you a lot more guilt and pain. Healing only comes after you get real with him.

WARNING: You will be hooked! 

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